About QuarksHub

QuarksHub aims to become the hub for problem solvers looking for
simple, elegant, no-nonsense, optimized real-world solutions addressing the challenges of the new millennium.
Based in Bangladesh, QuarksHub wants to provide an academia-industry partnership model for third world countries
where academia and industry collaboration still has a long way to go.
Teaming up with leading universities of Bangladesh, QuarksHub plans to convert academic research to real world solutions with the aid of world class programmers and mentors from the industry.


Ongoing projects below

Ongoing projects ..

Quarks Core

Quarks provides a highly scalable and distributable open source system based on actor model which can be easily deployed in closed networks. The ultimate aim is to come up with open source solutions to well known problems like chatting/image & video processing/transcoding/voice recognition etc. thus reducing dependencies on cloud platforms like AWS and GCP. Standardized chat and feed systems would eliminate the need to make private data available to public social networks, thus provisioning to safeguard user's own valuable data. Adding a new functionality or solution should be as easy as spinning up a new Quarks node and integrate it to the system following a few guidelines. Find repo for the project here

BD Shazam

Shazam like platform to search Bangla song collections by providing 5-10 seconds long audio clip. Framework Used: Django, Main concept based on FFT
Updates coming soon ..

Portable Teachbox

Support rural communities with a modest solution for accessing 'learning and information' content locally. Proposed device for building upon: GL-MiFi

Experiments with low latency connections

File transfer in low bandwidth

Chatting in low bandwidth

More ..

In future, more will be added to this list.


Mukit, Ataul (Coordinator), m : +8801819135815, e : ataul.mukit@gmail.com